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Yesterday was the race!
Want to thank our sponsors first and foremost!
Thanks to HKFixed, Rogue Status, House of commons, Division 2, Star Bucks, and a HUGE thanks to my brother matt for doing a lot of the work. Hes the one that put together all those spoke cards.

1st place racer is Zack with the green masi
2nd place racer is Randy with the leader
3rd place racer is Matt with the pista and 650c aerospoke
4th place racer is Benitosan with the anchor

1st place best trick Matt with the pista with the double barspin to 8 hop pogo to barspin out
2nd place best trick was John with the white leader and blue rear aero with the no handed wheelie with a no handed triple barspin no hand land.

We also raffled off 10 items to people who entered giving everyone a chance to leave with somthing.

Thanks to everyone that came out. hope everyone had a blast.
If you dont see a picture with you in it im sure i have it. Hit me up!

We hope to have another race soon maybe in spring.

This set is by me. More pics below in the post before Also more pics here from Don


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