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time to vent.
Waken up at 8am by the RA saying we need to leave because we have bed bugs. Oh yeah you dont exactly have bed bugs but the rooms around you do so you have to move to our motel. Oh yeah pack everything in half hour.
Shawn, abe, and bryan came out to mash some hills.
On my way to meet them up i got sideswiped by a taxi and he hit my bars causing me to run over tracks and popping both tires. Hiked up 7 blocks to get it fixed.
Mashed a ton.
While mashing bryan’s front tire pops and flips! Cracking both top and bottom tube and fork.
Walked to haight from japan town. Those that know sf thats a HIKE.
Waited three hours for my friend to get out of class to pick us up.
We arrive to brians car and someone broke in!
Now im finally at the place they moved me to and its SICK but bunk beds??
Time to pass out.
what a rough day


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