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Japan: Day 7

Today we headed over to RWB to visit Nakai. I must say this place is AMAZING. Nakai and i built a strong eating relationship when he stayed with us durring the Pandora 1 build and his place is packed full of snacks and drinks. This place is hands down the best office/shop i have ever been to in my life. Its just flat out nostalgic. Enjoy the pics everyone! I did do a double post in one day so dont forget to check out Day 6 below!


Japan: Day 6

Today was a relaxing day and filled with tons of shopping. I cant wait to get back to the states and post up what we all bought in Japan. I am not ready to leave this place AT ALL. Japan i love you!

Japan: Day 5

Today was the last day of Tokyo Auto Salon. Today we mainly kicked back around the booth and just really enjoyed it. As much as mark hates giving autographs he can never turn them down. Its not because he doesn’t like giving them but he hates the attention. After the show we grabbed some good yakini q. Time to hit publish and go enjoy the night at a Jpop club!

Japan: Day 4

Today i wasnt in the mood to shoot at TAS, i just wanted to enjoy it! After TAS we headed out and grabbed dinner with the crew and then went to the famous Daikoku meet location! It was unreal being there. So many awesome cars and motorcycles.
I also did another update to catch up. Dont forget to check the post below!

Japan: Day 3

Today was the first day at TAS so i got to shoot around and enjoy it without the CRAZY crowd. After TAS we headed out for Korean bbq then called it a night.

Japan: Day 2

Day 2: We basically chilled all day and did some light weight shopping. Thanks to W-Base for letting us barrow bikes to mash around town! Also it was a huge honor meeting Hiroshi Fujiwara!!!! Thanks for the iphone cases!

Japan Trip: Part 1

I know i havent updated this blog in AGES! But i am back here blogging again. I was invited to come along to Fatlaces 2012 design inspiration trip along with Matt, Reggie, and Max of Fatlace. Just want to say thanks to mark for inviting me on this trip. I will be updating this blog daily so you can keep track of whats happening out here in Japan!

Day 1: We arrived in Japan and was picked up by Yamasaki. He was having a concert at the sight where the tsunami hit the hardest. It was humbling to be in that presence. After that we headed back to shibuya where out hotel is at and roamed around for a little bit. Stay tuned for part 2 later today.

Stop by

Justin took his RB-1 out to the city today and Eugene also stopped by on his Yamaguchi. Bike goodness

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This week consisted of work at fatlace. Last picture of me, todd, and mark taken from http://www.fatlace.com